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New quarantine requirements as of march 22 2021, for some temporary foreign workers

Temporary Foreign Workers who have a work visa in the agriculture, agri-food, fish and seafood sectors, in the following professions are subject to new federal government requirements :

0821 — Managers in agriculture

0822 — Horticultural managers

8252 — Agricultural

8255 — Contractors and supervisors of landscaping, grounds maintenance and horticutural services

8431 — Agricultural workers

8432 — Nursery and greenhouse workers

8611 — Harvesting laborers

6331 — Wholesale and retail butchers and fishmongers

9461 — Machine and industrial process operators in food and beverage processing

9462 — Industrial butchers, meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers

9463 — Workers in fish and seafood processing plants

9617 —  Laborers in food and beverage processing

9618 —  Laborers in fish and seafood processing

The government has now confirmed a two-pronged approach to quarantine requirements after March 21, 2021 for TFWs, depending on their destination. Asymptomatic TFWs will be able to go directly to their quarantine location upon arrival, afetr having been tested for COVID-19 at the airport, provided they use provate transport and are only accompanied of those who will have traveled with them. Those who need to travel by commercial means to a second location after arriving in canada will need to stay at HAG while awaiting the result of their COVID-19 test. As TFWs have an appropriate quarantine plan and safe transportation to their quarantine location, the government intends to ensure that employers and TFWs do not have to pay the additional costs associated with the three-day quarantine requirement at the point of entry. Workers will also be supported upon and during their stay at the hotel.

The Government of Canada continues to explore how best to support TFWs and employers to ensure that TFWs can arrive and stay in Canada safely while they are working. The Government recognizes the importance of the timely arrival of workers for the agriculture, agri-food and fish and seafood processing sectors. This is why measures have been put in place to keep these workers and Canadians safe, and to ensure that business have access to the workers they need.

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