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French, a necessity for TET

There are many reasons for temporary foreign workers to learn French: to meet Quebec’s new requirements for renewing their work permits, to communicate with colleagues and employers, to socialize and

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General informations

The Centre d’emploi agricole de la Montérégie offers the service of a telephone line dedicated to temporary foreign workers who are working or will eventually work in Quebec.

In Canada, the rights of all workers are protected by law. It is important that you understand your rights while you are in Canada as a temporary foreign worker.

For your protection, you must sign an employment contract with your employer. A contract is a legal document that contains the details of the working conditions that both you and your employer have agreed to.

Free services

Legal information

Justice Pro Bono offers legal information via its call line (+1 866 999-4881) and WhatsApp line (+ 1 438 337-6002).

Psychosocial support

The Centre d’aide aux familles latino-américaines (CAFLA) offers psychosocial support via its call line (+1 888 286-7584) and WhatsApp (messages +1 514 776-7120).

Translation and interpreting

The Service d’Interprète d’Aide et de Référence aux Immigrants (SIARI) offers translation and interpreting services in 52 languages. Phone and WhatsApp: +1 514 585-4763.

Free Event

Information sessions on the rights of temporary foreign workers, free cultural and sports activities are held every month in several regions of Quebec.


Call this number for any questions in English, French or Spanish: 1 888 454-3998.

Various organizations throughout the province are also available to inform and assist you and assist you as a temporary foreign worker in Quebec. Do not hesitate to contact them!