Preparing for hazardous weather conditions

The Government of Canada would like to provide information to employers participating in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program about their responsibilities in the event of hazardous weather conditions and natural disasters, such as floods and forest fires.


Get prepared

During hazardous weather conditions and natural disasters, you must continue to meet Program obligations. Remember to keep your evacuation plan always updated, and be ready to:

• follow municipal, provincial or territorial evacuation orders;

• know your local evacuation routes and procedures and

• have a communication plan and maintain contact with temporary foreign workers during the weather event.


For tips on getting prepared, visit Flood ready and Get prepared: Wildfires.


What to do if your business is impacted by hazardous weather or a natural disaster

1. You must continue to meet your obligations under the Program. If you believe that you have not been meeting your Program obligations, inform us using voluntary disclosure.

2. If any temporary foreign workers are unreachable, notify the regional processing centre.

3. If your business cannot operate and you need to lay off temporary foreign workers, issue records of employment (ROEs) so they can apply for Employment Insurance benefits.

4. If you have made changes to your Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), including layoffs, inform the Employer Contact Centre.


For more information
Visit Hire a temporary foreign worker with an LMIA for more information on the Program.

Communicate with the Employer Contact Centre if you have questions about your LMIA application.

The information included in this email, along with information specific to temporary foreign workers, can be found on the Help for individuals affected by hazardous weather and natural disasters page.


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