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Marie-Anne DAYÉ

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Meeting temporary foreign workers with FERME

With her legendary drive and outreach skills, Stefany Herrera, Member Support Manager (TFW Axis) at the Fondation des Entreprises en Recrutement de Main d’oeuvre agricole Étrangère (FERME) knows how to educate foreign workers on issues such as their rights, responsibilities and alcohol consumption, for example. See here how the FERME team gets into action during a company visit.

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Soccer: a universal language

Once again this year, the Corporation de développement économique de la MRC de Montmagny (CDEMM) invited the region’s TFWs to take part in an intercultural soccer tournament pitting six teams

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Employment insurance also for TFWs

Temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in Baie-Saint-Paul have applied for employment insurance benefits due to a temporary layoff by their employer. Services de main-d’œuvre l’Appui called on Service Canada to help

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Photo exhibition: the Portneuf TFWs’ journey

Accès Travail Portneuf, an organization funded by the Government of Canada’s Migrant Worker Support Program (MWSP), recently organized a photographic exhibition showcasing some of the Portneuf region’s temporary foreign workers

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